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Soft skills’ development - special approach in young job seekers' training

The project, led by BusinessLink (The Czech Republic) was started in August 2002. In the first year Delta Singular (Greece) and TANINFO (Hungary) took part in the job. In the second year, a new partner joined in from Germany.
The aim of the project is to get a view of the soft-skills needed by young job-seekers to have better chances of getting work. It is our aim to have a detailed survey of the development possibilities, and the practice in the participant countries.
Besides we find it important to develop the skills of the trainers and counselling personell to be more succesful in helping the young job-seekers in finding a job.




Possiblities of young job seekers to develop their skills with special focus on soft skills.

The counseller working with young job seekers – qualification, skills

To specify skills needed for counselling young job seekers.






This action is aimed at enhancing the European dimension of lifelong learning. It supports a wide range of activities designed to promote innovation and the improved availability, accessibility and quality of educational provision for adults, by means of European co-operation.

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The Hungarian participant in the project.

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